Every project is unique, both in regards to requirements from the candidates, and the process. In order to find the right chairman, CEO, specialist, etc. we customize system and working method according to situation and the client’s needs.

Orion are specialists in recruiting specialists and leaders, and we also offer a range of services related to organization- and team development, evaluation of employees, etc.

In addition, through our “sister”, Cultivator Norway, we can offer a program for training of employees, providing long lasting effects and measurable profits.

Executive Search

Executive Search means that we’re actively searching the market for the candidates we best see fit for the position. This happens through our modern base of talents and our extensive network in different industries.

Many of our assignments are pure Executive Search assignments. Either because the client doesn’t wish to alert the market of the employment or because we know where to search in order to find the right candidates. Advertisement can get pricey, and certain clients would rather put resources in an active and direct search of the market.

We never give up until you as a client feel satisfied with the candidates.


Search & Selection

Search & Selection means that we support active search through advertising in the media. (Printed media, the internet, etc).This gives us a larger base of applicants, and also contributes to advertise for the business. Advertising will rarely suffice alone, and Orion will always supplement with active search, both in our own candidate base, external bases and through active search of the market.
This increases the certainty that we include the best candidates in the selection.

We never give up until you as a client is satisfied with the candidates, and it makes no difference to us whether the chosen candidate is an applicant or identified through search.

Final candidate assessment

In case the client business has identified one or more candidates themselves, and wishes professional aid in evaluating and choosing the final candidate, Orion can offer a package consisting of:

  • Briefing of company and position
  • Test and in-depth interview of candidate
  • Interview together with employer
  • Written report on candidate, based on test, in-depth interview and other information
  • Gathering of references and reference reports
  • Our consultants may give you further information


Certain times a leader has need for an external partner for development of his/her own employees. Use of test tools and structured conversation provides for individual evaluation and discussion with the individual. We put the individual’s personal development in focus, and challenge him/her through a systematic dialogue, adjusted to specific issues and needs.

Our consultants may provide you with further information.

Team development

Awareness about roles and personality in a leader group can be vital to how the group functions. Poor communication can ruin environment, efficiency and results. Through use of test tools, individual dialogue and group assemblies, Orion can contribute to awareness about personality and roles, thus contributing to better communication. This increases the group’s ability to cooperate, solve problems and efficiently develop the business further.

We use our experience with programs and methodology, yet cater to the individual businesses’ needs.

Our consultants may provide you with further information.
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